I have known Andy for many years and had heard lots of positive reports about him as a therapist…
At the beginning of the year I was going through another reoccurring, bad spell of severe anxiety and insomnia. I was desperate, so I had no hesitation in contacting him for some help and support.

The sessions were via Zoom, and were delivered seamlessly and professionally, filling the time with so much content.

Andy has such a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable way about him, and the techniques he used and tools he taught me helped to reduce my anxiety levels enormously.
After each session I felt calmer and more in control, and was able to slowly start living each day again, rather than just existing.

My journey is ongoing and I do still have the odd blip or bad days, which I accept as I have to unlearn many years of old habits, and focus on using what Andy taught me.

I would have no hesitation going to see Andy again and would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling or feels they need a bit of guidance and support.

I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Andy. Xx