Welcome to my website.

I know that making the decision to find someone to help you at your time in need is not an easy one and finding the right person for YOU is vitally important

Although I specialise in helping people deal with PTSD and trauma, I also work with teens and adults to combat anxiety and stress, I do also offer help in other areas ranging from Weight Loss to Smoking Cessation.

I also run workshops, classes and visit a variety of different establishments to offer help where it is needed. Having lots of colleagues who offer an amazing range of therapies we often team up and offer classes combining our techniques so that you get the most for your time and money!

During my individual sessions its possible to work in a content free manner often incorporating a range of different therapies so we can get you where you need to be as soon as we can

I see my roll for you as a facilitator my sessions are lead by you and I work at your pace helping you find what you are looking for

I believe we have the answers within to our own healing I am just a guide to help you. I don’t want you to become dependent upon me, I pride myself on equipping YOU with enough skills that you can go home and better manage what life throws our way in a much more balanced and healthy way with an understanding of that you are a human having a human experience and I will teach you how to incorporate these techniques into your everyday life. This way, you will always be able to deal with anything that may arise in the future.

Here are a few examples of the sessions I often work with:
PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety & Relaxation, Confidence Building, Exam Stress, Meditation, Restful Sleep, Brain Fog, Motivation, Fears, Phobias, Passing Your Driving Test and more …..

I look forward to working with you and help put you back in CONTROL!

I am trained in EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, (Tapping) EFT Matrix Reimprinting,

  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Kinetic Shift Technique,
  • Reiki